Now What?

Now that you are all set up you may be wondering exactly what you should be doing on your date. I’m glad you asked! Scripture should be included in your Divine Date. Some people like to use bible plans such as reading the bible in a year or taking a psalm or proverb a day. Others may prefer to use a devotional that may have a theme such as grace, marriage, or parenting. If you haven’t guessed yet, I tend to lean toward the devotional group. What can I say…it’s my thing! You can also incorporate music into you Divine Dates. I have a playlist of songs that speak to my soul and help usher me into the presence of READ MORE

Help, This is Totally New to Me!

No worries! Below you will find steps to get you started on have Daily Divine Dates. These are the basic steps. As you continue to consistently have divine dates you will be prompted by the Holy Spirit to move, shift, add and/or delete some things. The steps below are just guide to get you started. They are not the gospel. Let the Holy Spirit move and shape the atmosphere. Divine Date Guidance – not Gospel! Pick a quiet/secluded place to have your divine dates. I have always liked the idea of a prayer closet so that is where you will find me. If your closet won’t do, perhaps a spot in your bedroom, the kitchen table, the sunroom, or even READ MORE