Too Early for Christmas?

My daughter’s school gave out free tickets to a Christmas Cantata a few weeks ago. The tickets were dated for a show in mid-September. A Christmas Cantata – in September?? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a pumpkin spice in August kind of girl. And I love a good Christmas in July movie marathon, but for some reason I was not feeling this Christmas Cantata in September. My daughter really wanted to go so we headed into DC in search of street parking for a Christmas Cantata – in September. The show was broken into three acts. As the curtain raised on the first act about the birth of Jesus the conviction hit me. The celebration of Jesus’ birth should not READ MORE


It’s hard to go through life without forming relationships with other people. Whether it’s family, friends, co-workers, church members, it’s in our nature to want to form bonds and be connected to others. That’s because we were created in the image of God who is himself relational. He placed that desire inside of us so we could seek to be close to Him. He wants a relationship with us as He did with Adam and Eve. He wants to walk and talk with us in the cool of the garden. We must make a choice. In fact, God requires us to make a choice which is why we were given free will. Will we seek a relationship with God or READ MORE

Diligence Required – Not Perfection

Have you ever missed the mark or fallen short of what you planned to accomplish? Of course you have, we all have. Don’t allow your mind to linger too long in the woulda, shoulda, coulda of your situation. Get back up and try again. In Proverbs 12:27b it says “But diligence is man’s precious possession.” The definition of diligence is steady, earnest, and energetic effort. Did you eat that cookie when you were supposed to be giving up sugar? Did you skip the gym after work because those folk at work got on your last nerve and you just wanted to go home? Did you miss your Divine Date this morning because Mr. Sandman was whispering sweet nothings into your READ MORE

Datebook Details

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Matthew 6:21 NKJV I once heard a pastor say that he could tell where your heart was by looking at your checkbook to see what you spent your money on. I think the same would hold true if we peeked inside what the old folks used to call your datebook. Our fancy new term for it is personal organizer. What do you spend most of your time doing? Who do you see regularly? Lots of folks have “standing” appointments for things like getting their hair and nails done – and not just women. Maybe it’s a weekly/bi-weekly ladies’ brunch or card night with the fellas. Somewhere in your datebook/organizer READ MORE

New Thing

It’s August! August is the 8th month of the year. The number 8 represents new beginnings. New can be exciting and scary all at the same time. Your hopeful of what’s to come but apprehensive of the change that comes with new things. In Isaiah 43:19 God is letting us know He is about to do a new thing. Sometimes scriptures just leap off the page and rattles around in my spirit for a moment until the Holy Spirit gives me a personal take on it. Below is what the Holy Spirit spoke to me about new things. Hopefully it will bless you as much as it blessed me. Look, I will do a new thing. It will be in READ MORE

Marthy Mindset

Do you have a Marthy Mindset? Don’t know what that is? Well, it’s a combo of the Martha and Mary mindset. In Luke 10: 38-42 we see Jesus has been invited into the home of Martha. Martha is busy serving while Mary is busy listening to Jesus. I want to challenge you to not be a complete Martha or a complete Mary but a good mix of them both. We can see from the text that Martha was a busy bee. My guess is it wasn’t just this instance that had her busy but it was her everyday nature to stay in motion. Always have to to putting something up or organizing something, or cleaning something. She has what I READ MORE

Go You!

One of my mommy duties is to spend quality time with my kids. Quality time is their love language and mine as well so it makes it pretty easy to accommodate them when they ask for it. My daughter likes for us to watch tween and teen shows on Netflix or Disney+ during our quality time. We just recently finished a series called MC2. It is about a group of teen girls who are secret agents. It was a cute show that was diverse in cast and each girl excelled in a different area. It showed that girls can be smart, strong, and stylish! It also emphasized the importance of friendship and having a village. As with many of these READ MORE

Now What?

Now that you are all set up you may be wondering exactly what you should be doing on your date. I’m glad you asked! Scripture should be included in your Divine Date. Some people like to use bible plans such as reading the bible in a year or taking a psalm or proverb a day. Others may prefer to use a devotional that may have a theme such as grace, marriage, or parenting. If you haven’t guessed yet, I tend to lean toward the devotional group. What can I say…it’s my thing! You can also incorporate music into you Divine Dates. I have a playlist of songs that speak to my soul and help usher me into the presence of READ MORE

Help, This is Totally New to Me!

No worries! Below you will find steps to get you started on have Daily Divine Dates. These are the basic steps. As you continue to consistently have divine dates you will be prompted by the Holy Spirit to move, shift, add and/or delete some things. The steps below are just guide to get you started. They are not the gospel. Let the Holy Spirit move and shape the atmosphere. Divine Date Guidance – not Gospel! Pick a quiet/secluded place to have your divine dates. I have always liked the idea of a prayer closet so that is where you will find me. If your closet won’t do, perhaps a spot in your bedroom, the kitchen table, the sunroom, or even READ MORE