Sibling Love

My son Sean is a theater kid. He really loves musical theater. He can spend hours in his room re-enacting plays and movies using his toys as the characters. We recently signed him up for a theater workshop through a local community group. During the workshop they will learn a Disney Jr. play and the workshop will end with a live performance.

After the first round of auditions, Sean got a “callback” to audition for one of the supporting characters that has quite a few lines and some solo singing parts. I was thrilled! He and I have been rehearsing the scene all week. Last night while we were working on setting up the scene, my daughter Shelby came into the room and asked if she could watch. She sat down on the floor with a bowl of grapes and watched us go through the scene a few times and then proceeded to give us some great insight on how Sean could make his character more authentic.

As I put them to bed I couldn’t help but to smile and send a praise up to God. Shelby who is usually annoyed by her little brother as most pre-teens tend to be, took the time to help and encourage him in his endeavors. The unity that I felt as we rehearsed the scene was so comforting! It reminded me that even though I see them fussing and fighting most of the time, when it matters they are there for each other.

“So encourage each other and build each other up, as you are already doing.” ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:11