Who are you with?

“For with God nothing will be impossible.” ~ Luke 1:37 NKJV

Who you are with matters. When I was growing up, my momma always told me to be careful of the company I keep. I listened but never really grasped the depth of what she was telling me until I saw it play out in the lives of those around me. In high school and college I started to notice that some really good people lost scholarships, got in trouble with the law, and even lost their lives because they were hanging out with the wrong people and got caught up in the drama of things that were not directly connected to their lives.

I now tell my children the same thing my momma told me. When I do, I give them real life examples of how who you get in a car with, who you have lunch with, who you listen to, who you follow can send your life in a direction that God did not plan. But when you get in the car with God, when you have lunch with God, when you listen to God, when you follow God, when you are with God…nothing will be impossible.

As you go about your day making decisions big and small, ask yourself “is God with me in this?” Ask yourself “Did I leave God out of this decision in pursuit of some shiny object the world is dangling in front of me?” That shiny object could be material possessions. It could also be power, fame, or recognition. Before you make that next decision, take a look around and see who you’re with. If God isn’t there, you shouldn’t be either.